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HP Compaq EVO 252608-002 P4 Socket 478 Motherboard FSB 400 SYSTE

  • Model: 253242-002
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HP Compaq EVO 252608-002 P4 Socket 478 Motherboard FSB 400 SYSTEM BOARD AS# 253242-001 D510 CMT TOWER  D51C

Condition: USED tested working Pulled from Desktop Computer
Include: One Motherboard only (CPU, Ram, or any thing else Not included You will get only Motherboard)

Motherboard Features:
Compaq System Board (3 Ram Slot)
Compatible with Evo W4000 Evo D300 D500 Presario 5300 5400 5600 5000T 8000T
Pentium 4 Socket 478 (Willamete series of P4 400FSB ONLY)
Integrated LAN
2 x USB 2.0
2 x Serial 2 PS2
Onboard Audio
using PC133 memory only

AS# 253242-001
Compatible AS#253242-001

QTY ON BOARD Connectors:
1       AGP Slot 3 PCI Slot
2       DIM Memory Slots
2       PS/2 ports (keyboard and mouse)
2       IDE Connector
1       RJ-45 network port
3       Fan Power Connctor
1       Serial port + 1 connector
3       SDRAM SLOT
1       4 Pin ATX Connector
1       Floppy Connector
4       USB ports ( 2 + Connector for 2 for front )
1       Parallel port
1       24 pin ATX power connector

To use with the following Computer Systems:

Compaq Evo D300 Small Form Factor D31m/P1.8/40/x/128c PRC
Compaq Evo D310 Desktop D31m/P1.8/40/x/256 TAI
Compaq Evo D310 Micro tower D31m/P1.8/40/x/256c TAI
Compaq Evo D310 Slim Tower D31m/P2.4/40/p/256c FIN
Compaq Evo D311 Desktop D31m/P2.4/40/p/256d GR
Compaq Evo D311 Microtower D31m/P2.4/40/p/256w/7 FIN
Compaq Evo D320 Slim Tower D31m/P2.4/60/x/256w/hm TURK
Compaq Evo D510 Convertible Minitower D31m/P226/80/x/256c/h ARAB
D310m/845G SRP US D31m/P253/40/p/256d/7 SWE
D31m/C1.7/14140/xI US D31m/P2A/14070/kI US
D31m/C1.7/14141/xI US D31m/P2A/40/k/256c TAI
D31m/C1.7/20/k/128 TAI D31M/P2A/40/p/256c HK
D31m/C1.7/20/p/128c TAI D31m/P2A/40/p/256c/h ARAB
D31m/C1.7/40/k/256A TAI D31m/P2A/40/p/256d TAI
D31m/C1.7/40/k/256Ac TAI D31m/P2A/40/p/512d GR
D31m/C1.7/40/L/128A TAI D31m/P2A/40/p/512w/h EUROA4
D31m/P1.7/20/p/128c TAI D31m/P2A/40/x/256c TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/p/256c GR D31T/C1.7/20/k/128A TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/x/128c TAI D31T/C1.7/20/k/256A TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/x/256c EUROA4 D31T/C1.7/20/p/256 TAI
D31m/P1.7/40/p/128c/hm FR D31T/C1.7/20/x/128c TAI
D31m/P1.7/40/p/256d TAI D31T/C1.7/40/k/128A TAI
D31m/P1.8/20/k/256A TAI D31T/C1.7/40/k/256A TAI
D31m/P1.8/20/L/128 TAI D31T/C1.7/40/k/256Ac TAI
D31m/P1.8/20/p/128c GR D31T/C1.7/40/p/512c JPN2
D31m/P1.8/20/x/128c GR D31T/C1.8/20/x/256A AUST
Compaq Evo D300 Desktop D31T/C1.8/20/x/256c AUST
Compaq Evo D300 Desktop D31T/C1.8/20/x/256r AUST
Compaq Evo D300 Small Form Factor D31T/C1.8/40/x/256c AUST
Compaq Evo D310 Desktop D31T/P1.7/20/p/128 TAI
Compaq Evo D310 Microtower D31T/P1.7/20/x/128 TAI
Compaq Evo D310 Slim Tower D31T/P1.7/20/x/256c TAI
Compaq Evo D311 Desktop D31T/P1.7/40/p/128 TAI
Compaq Evo D311 Microtower D31T/P1.8/20/x/128A TAI
Compaq Evo D320 Slim Tower D31T/P1.8/40/k/128A TAI
Compaq Evo D510 Convertible Minitower D31T/P1.8/40/k/128Ac TAI
D310m/845G SRP US D31T/P1.8/40/k/256A TAI
D31m/C1.7/14140/xI US D31T/P1.8/40/k/256Ac TAI
D31m/C1.7/14141/xI US D31T/P1.8/40/p/128 TAI
D31m/C1.7/20/k/128 TAI D31T/P1.8/40/p/256 TAI
D31m/C1.7/20/p/128c TAI D31T/P1.8/40/p/256c TAI
D31m/C1.7/40/k/256A TAI D31T/P2A/20/x/256c AUST
D31m/C1.7/40/k/256Ac TAI D31T/P2A/20/x/256r AUST
D31m/C1.7/40/L/128A TAI D31T/P2A/40/k/128A TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/p/128c TAI D31T/P2A/40/k/128Ac TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/p/256c GR D31T/P2A/80/k/256A TAI
D31m/P1.7/20/x/128c TAI D510C/845G BU ALL CT05 ALL
D31m/P1.7/20/x/256c EUROA4 D510C/845G BU Foxconn CT05 ALL
D31m/P1.7/40/p/128c/hm FR D510C/845G BU w/ Delta P/S,SA FDD CT05
D31m/P1.7/40/p/256d TAI D510C/845G BU W/DELTA PWR CT05 ALL
D31m/P1.8/20/k/256A TAI D510C/845G Bulk BU
D31m/P1.8/20/L/128 TAI D510C/845G MILITARY BU CT05 ALL
D31m/P1.8/20/p/128c GR D510C/845G SRP US
D31m/P1.8/20/x/128c GR D510S/845G BU Foxconn CT05 ALL
D31m/P1.8/40/k/128c PRC D51C/C1.7/20/p/256c EUROA4
D31m/P1.8/40/k/256A TAI D51C/C1.7/20/p/512w FR
D31m/P1.8/40/k/256Ac TAI D51C/C1.7/40/2/256Ac AUST
D31m/P1.8/40/L/256c TAI D51C/C1.7/40/k/256Ac AUST
D31m/P1.8/40/p/128c PRC D51C/C2A/15988/K US
D31m/P1.8/40/p/128d ARAB D51C/C2A/17576/xI
D31m/P1.8/40/p/256 TAI D51C/C2A/17576/xI Bulk US
D31m/P1.8/40/p/256c TAI D51C/C2A/40/K/128C A/P
D31m/P1.8/40/p/256c/h ARAB D51C/C2A/40/k/128c AUST
D31m/P1.8/40/p/256d TAI D51C/P226/40/x/256d US
D31m/P1.8/40/x/128 PRC presario 8000T miniTower  

1 = Mouse PS2 connector
2 = Keyboard PS2 connector
3 = Printer LPT1 Connector
4 = Serial connector
6 = Line-in connector
7 = Line-out connector
8 = Microphone connector
9 = USB connectors (4) 
10 = Network RJ 45 connector

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